The LA County Fair

September 18, 2017

These days the weekends are all about soccer. Practice and games dominate our Saturdays and Sundays and the in between times when soccer isn’t happening, we are kind of stuck at home. The kids complained all Saturday that they were bored, I guess you can only crash Hot Wheels so many times, and the LEGOs are fun but sometimes the soul just craves more. On Sunday we decided to head over to the county fair. We haven’t been in a few years and thought it was a nice change of pace and a great way to wrap up Summer.

Farm animals, one of the main reasons that makes the fair so wonderful and the petting zoo was exactly where we headed to first. It was so much fun to be surrounded by sheep and baby goats all wanting to be touched or fed. After that we caught a quick glimpse of the pig races, and it was pretty darn cute, but it happened all so fast. We didn’t stay to watch another round of the races, but instead we wandered about a bit just to gaze at the sights and take in the sounds of balloons popping, cheers followed by laughter, and music that filled the air.

I took my daughter to The Taylor Swift Experience, presented by the Grammy’s while the hubs took the bubs to check out some rides. My gal loves Taylor so this exhibition brought her so much joy. She got to see her most favorite person’s tour costumes and red carpet gowns as well as sing along to her favorite songs.

I am not sure if carnival rides are for me anymore, it’s been awhile but my gal wanted to give the Swing Ride a try. It’s a ride where you sit in a swing chair, then you get lifted into the air and it spins you round and round. Sound fun? I have to admit, it was thrilling but at the same time I prayed for it to be over as soon as it begun.

Up next, another must at the fair is the food. There were so many fun and crazy desserts that we could hardly decide what we wanted to try. We eventually settled on the “Unicorn” cotton candy, it was pink and had a twist lollipop sticking out of it with sprinkles on top and like about the size of two basketballs combined. I wasn’t going to let the kids eat it all, but I wanted them to live a little and the looks of amazement on their faces as the lady was making it, priceless. I didn’t think she was ever going stop adding on more sugar floss. I could see other fair goers stopping in their tracks to admire the massiveness of it and probably our sheer bravery too. Most of it went to waste because there was no way we could have finished it even if we wanted to, but the memories make it so worth it.

We had a fantastic time there and it’s finally time to say farewell to Summer.

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