Tahoe Winter Escape

February 20, 2017

I can’t believe February is almost over, the year couldn’t have started off any better than I had expected, but then we experienced some tough life events that occurred in late January early February. The hubs mother had to be hospitalized for some health complications and this really kept us on edge and we were both stressed out for a bit. We even canceled a trip to the mountains we had booked months prior. After many prayers, our worries were soon eased. His mom is currently doing well and healing.

If anything the emotional roller coaster ride that consumed us for nearly two weeks was the reason for why we needed to un-cancel our trip. The best decision ever. We needed this time to decompress and spend some much needed uninterrupted family time. The hubs was gone a lot with visits to the hospital and we missed him so much, and this time away in the mountains was such a blessing.

We’ve visited Lake Tahoe a few times before, both times were Summer visits, and we have only wonderful tales to tell about this place. The pristine lake, the mountains, all of it’s natural beauty is so awe inspiring. This past trip however was all about experiencing the snow and doing some skiing. The kids have never skied before so we really wanted to give them the opportunity to learn how. As for us rents, we have skied before, but let’s just say we’re not the skiing type.

It was raining pretty heavily when we left home for the airport, and when we arrived in Tahoe we were met by more rain. There was actually a winter storm advisory, lots of strong winds and heavy rain, which means snow at the top of the mountains, but all the gondolas and lifts could not operate in high winds, so there was no way to go up and see all that snow. Fortunately we stayed cozy in our room, we had the fireplace going all day long. A full kitchen allowed us to bake cookies, make hot cocoa and cook warm meals every night. Some days we walked around the village to do a little shopping, for lunch we grabbed pizza and beer at Base Camp Pizza Co., and we even went for a swim in the resort’s outdoor heated pool. That was such a cool experience, Iceland and your hot springs, we’re ready for you! One day hopefully. Also, right before we were about to be done swimming my gal managed to some how swim really low and chipped one of her bottom incisor ever so slightly. She shed some big tears because she was worried about her tooth, but a little mom and dad attention and comfort helped to calm her fears.

Ski school did happen at some point even though the conditions were not ideal, with it raining and all, but the kids really wanted to go anyway. They had to be shuttled off to some other nearby resort with the ski area not requiring them to take a gondola up the mountain. I was a little sad for them because I had envisioned some sunshine, lots of soft power and beautiful views of  Lake Tahoe. This was not the case, but the kids were troopers and spent all day out in rainy, cold weather and when we picked them up, they could not have been happier to show their excitement and to share how FUN their day was. They loved their ski instructor and they learned so much in one day.

So while they were at ski school, the hubs and I had date day. Before we started our date, I convinced the hubs to go visit the kids at ski school. He was kind of annoyed at the idea, but I really just needed to make sure they were okay. I was able to sneak a peek, and my mama heart felt a million times better after I saw them. On with our day, we went and tried our luck at Harrah’s and luck was indeed on my side because I got a straight flush at video poker. I walked away with, whomp whomp, ten more dollars than what I walked in with. After the casino we enjoyed lunch at Gun-barrel Tavern. I have been on a Moscow Mule kick lately, so naturally I ordered one. Something about a refreshing cocktail in cold weather, it just warms you right up. Before picking up the kids we decided to get some beers and snacks at Base Camp Pizza Co., happy hour starts at 2 pm folks. Such a good happening kind of vibe at that place.

Our last night ended at Base Camp Hotel, we enjoyed playing board games with the kids at their outdoor/indoor beer garden. We loved the decor. Think industrial, meets masculine mountain lodge, meets Vintage 1950s. The kids really ate it up too. They loved tinkering with all the little knick knacks, not sure if the hotel intended for that, but they didn’t break anything, promise. It was a good way to end our last day because the next day was quite hectic, we woke bright and early to catch our hour long shuttle to the airport. The shuttle was very late because a snowstorm was happening that morning. However we made it just in time to catch our flight home. It was only an hour flight so when we landed we were able to get our gal to the dentist, remember her chipped tooth? Nothing to worry about, the chip was so minuscule and the dentist was able to patch it right up. All and all it was quite an adventure of doing a little bit of skiing, and a whole lot of glorious nothing. And their first ski experience, a success I say.


Marriott Timber Lodge


Heavenly Ski Resort // South Lake Tahoe
Harrah’s Casino
Heavenly Village Cinemas


Raley’s Grocery Store
Base Camp Pizza Co
Base Camp Hotel
Gun-barrel Tavern


Rocker Fizz Soda and Candy Shop

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