Sweet October

October 22, 2015

We are currently in the midst of this marvelous Autumn season and oh how I love the month of October especially. With every shade of red, orange, and gold popping up everywhere in both real life and virtual reality are a feast for my eyes, the kitchen becomes one of the best places to be because of the sweet and savory smells that originates there on a near daily basis. Baked treats that are distinctively meant for this season and slow cooked meals are always a welcome delight. Then there’s Halloween, with the pure excitement and joy the littles feel when they finally decide on their costumes, then they get to parade around town in it and get candy, oh my gosh, mind blown. But mostly because this month also happens to be the hubs birthday month. We get to eat cake and watch him open his presents, which pales in comparison to what he has given us. We get to celebrate the man and dad that loves on us relentlessly, does so many little and big things for this family, and for one day we get to thank him for being him.

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