Spring Break Part III: Anza Borrego + San Diego

July 21, 2017

So Spring break was over 3 months ago, and I am finally posting the last and final leg of our road trip. This part of our trip led us to a little cabin in Anza Borrego State Park. We stopped for groceries at a market in town. The best and most fun little market I ever came across. They sell everything from kids’ toys to tiki mugs, cool huh? We mostly needed ice and firewood, but also picked up some marshmallows, and chocolate, and graham crackers, well you know what those were meant for. We had everything we needed, but if we didn’t this market sold just about every essential item needed for a night of semi roughing it.

Before we got to our cabin we stopped to check out these metal sculptures by artist Ricardo Breceda along the roadway we were on. It was a pretty neat sight to see, we’re like pretty much out in the middle of nowhere and some artist happens to have created these massive outdoor works of art. The Serpent sculpture was insane, it probably spanned half a football field, no joke, reminds me of the movie Tremors starring Kevin Bacon, pretty fab. A quick picnic lunch at the Anza Borrego visitor center and then finally made it to the cabin.

Such an itsy bitsy house, all four of us slept in the loft above the porch, the kids loved climbing up and down the ladder leading to the loft and they pretended it was their clubhouse/fortress. I think I could see myself in a tiny house when I am gray and retired, the upkeep would be very minimal. This was just a one night stay and the next morning we headed into the city of San Diego.

San Diego was a really mellow city. It was pretty “quaint” for a metropolis. The first day we just grabbed lunch and then coffee and sweets at trendy Communal Coffee, but we headed to the hotel right after, just so we could get showered and some rest before dinner. It’s unlike us to not research any places to eat beforehand, but we just didn’t have time to do that for San Diego and plus it seems the Gaslamp quarter where our hotel was located, really lacked good eateries, so we just kind of had to wing it. We walked around a bit and finally decided on The Old Spaghetti Factory. It hit the spot and it was priced right for a family of four. The memory that stuck with me was how my daughter oohed and ahhed at the ambiance and decor (picture way too dark lighting, gaudy pendant chandeliers, dark woods, and a bit dingy) she kept gushing about how fancy it was all through dinner, she really felt like it was fine dining. We played along because it was just too cute and innocent, but like we need to take her out to more fine dining establishments in the future, especially if she’s into that sort of stuff. And bedtime couldn’t come fast enough, we were just so tired, I may or may not have fallen asleep while reading the kids their bedtime stories.

The next day we walked around the waterfront area, walked right past USS Midway and the Star of India, we wanted to avoid seeing any of the major attractions, just because there were so many people. We took the kids to the splash pad and playground at Waterfront Park, but they just weren’t feeling it, everyone was cranky, so we decided to just head back and hangout in our room, to read, nap, watch TV, and play until dinner. I think the kids appreciated the rest and we did too. I guess we just did so much early on during this trip that by the end of it we all just got restless and were ready to be in our own beds. The break proved valuable as the next morning we were all happy campers once again and even made it to brunch before leaving the city. We got on the road, stopped in Encinitas for some fried chicken sandwiches at The Crack Shack. It was a really nice way to close out this roadtrip filled with so much inspiration from art and nature.

Ricardo Breceda Metal Sculptures
Petco Park
Gaslamp Quarter
Cafe 21 //breakfast foods
Center Market // Borrego Springs

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