Spring Break Part II: Joshua Tree + Desert X 2017

May 10, 2017

The first day of our Spring break was visiting The Living Desert Zoo and enjoying family pool time, but the other days were about exploring nearby Joshua Tree National Park and checking out some fascinating public art known as Desert X, peppered throughout the Coachella Valley.

We were able to visit two sites. One was a mirrored house situated atop a hill, titled Mirage by Doug Aitken, when we got there at about 3 pm there was already a long line, we waited about 30 minutes before we entered the house. The actual walk thru and seeing it in person didn’t quite blow us away as we had expected, but the real surprise was getting home and having some of the photographs we took of the house printed, that was when it felt surreal. Like the title suggest, there are moments you think you see refuge, but when you look again it is no longer there, the house blended into and almost disappearing into the desert landscape. We love Doug Aitken’s work, we were able to visit his “Electric Earth” installation at the Geffen MOCA several months back, so his was top on our list to visit while in Palm Springs. We also enjoyed the Curves and Zigzags wall by artist Claudia Comte. Love the graphical black and white lines against a muted ocean of beige. We embraced the shade that the wall provided from the sweltering desert sun and we took plenty of fun photos against it. Even the kids were impressed!

We are a family that loves our National Parks and being out in nature is our thing. The hubs and I have visited Joshua Tree once before and it was something we needed the kids to see the first chance we got. We knew that they would be in heaven with all the boulders around. We were so right, I think they might have climbed every boulder out there. To them nature is so freeing, a chance for them to run wild, while learning to love and respect all the gifts that this natural playground offers. We ourselves found Joshua Tree to be a sort of heaven on Earth, soaking in every beautiful bit of the breathtaking landscape. I marveled at all the different cacti, many of which were gorgeously in bloom. We spent most of our morning in Joshua Tree and really wish we never had to leave. But our bellies were not on the same page, they were screaming lunch. We found a pizza joint called Pie For the People located in the city of 29 Palms. Definitely hit the spot with us. May next time we’ll camp here because we love it so much. We’re not done with you just yet Joshua Tree!

Below are some links and coming up next is our overnight cabin stay in Anza Borrego State Park and exploring the city of San Diego.

Pie For the People // Pizza, Calzones, Salads
Joshua Tree Coffee Co. // Really excellent cold brew

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