September 7, 2017

Birthdays and the word B I T T E R S W E E T kind of go hand in hand. Especially as a mom because with each passing year, I watch my babies grow and in the back of my mind, as the lump in my throat forms, I wish away the passing of time. On the other hand, I relish in seeing my beautiful babies flourish into fully capable little humans and continually thank my lucky stars.

September through December is busy for us in the birthday department among many other things. We celebrate back to back birthdays, with each member of the family having one of those months all to themselves. The first person we celebrate is my gal, who turns NINE this month. Still in denial over here.

Nine years ago this month, the doctor gently placed her into my arms, while streams of tears fell from my eyes. In an instant, my heart doubled in size. We are mighty thankful for this journey that has allowed us as parents to learn and grow alongside this silly, strong willed, book loving, artistically inclined, fun, kind, beautiful little girl. She is forever etched in our hearts and makes us proud every day.

We aren’t throwing a party for her this year and opting instead for a small intimate family dinner and a trip to Universal Studios Harry Potter Land. Party or no party we make sure to always celebrate them and make their day as special as possible. Some birthday traditions that we love is making a homemade cake or whatever dessert they decide on. One year it was a Baked Alaskan pie for my son, and 2 years ago was a chocolate rice crispie treat cake for my gal. This year she decided on a frozen chocolate pie because she said it’s something her little brother will enjoy too and we go with it. They also get to select their favorite meal, and it’s pasta and meatballs for this birthday girl. One thing that I love  about her is how she embraces her heritage, and by choosing a pasta dish she pays homage to my husband’s grandmother who was from Naples, Italy. Oh and we can’t forget about the balloons we like to surprise them with, which they cherish very much and you can almost always count on one of those balloons escaping their little hands and up into the sky. But the twinkle in their eyes when they see them, something I hope they never grow out of. And so amazed at the choices of balloons to choose from, they seem to get fancier and fancier each time I visit the party store.

To sum things up, we like to keep it really simple. The less stressed and exhausted we are the better parents we get to be to them on their special day. Happy birthday my lovely girl!

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