New Year’s Day 2017

January 2, 2017

H A P P Y   2 0 1 7 !!

It’s been a while since I last blogged, but I thought, it’s a new year and just the right time to start journaling and sharing again.

This past year has been pretty darn amazing. We traveled to San Francisco back in Febuary and took the scenic route down Highway 1 home, making pit stops in Santa Cruz and Cayucos, and I can’t forget about the time we snuck away to the Central Coast to witness the surreal wildflower super bloom, orange poppies for days. In June we camped in Yosemite, and later on in the season we did our annual two week-long epic Summer road trip, involving lots of camping and visting of National Parks. My little guy also started Kindergarten in September, which I have to say sending him off was easier on my mama heart this time around than with my first born. I was so proud at how well he adapted to school especially going from being home with me pretty much all day to being out of the house 5 days a week for several hours a day. With that said, having both kids out of the house leaves my days pretty free to lounge around, NOT! The chores, errands, and volunteer duties still continued, but I have to admit grocery shopping and cleaning around the house sans kids has been quite nice. I am more efficient, less stressed out and have come to find housekeeping very therapuetic.

Also, with both kids in school, the Hubs and I were able to adopt “Date Day” twice a month, the Hubs had to rearrange his schedule a bit, but it works out perfectly because I don’t have worry about a babysitter as we do them during the day while school is in session. It has been so good for our souls and marriage. We get to put the focus back on each other, we get to gallivant around town feeling 22 again, going to all the best spots and eateries without worrying about if it’s kid friendly or what do they have on the menu that the kids will eat. We haven’t forgotten about those littles though, we still try to do our adventures out and about exploring the city on the weekends. We plan on continuing with weekday date days and weekend family adventures indefinitely.

In October we celebrated the Hubs 40th with a pumpkin carving party at the house with a few of our closest friends, serving up beer and gumbo and laughs and finished the night off with a decadent chocolate layered s’mores cake. In the same month we took another road trip, this time to Utah to catch some spectacular Fall foliage and camped at Zion and Bryce National Parks. It was so beautiful up there and thankfully we survived the week-long trip with both kids taking turns getting sick with high fevers at some point.

We stayed put and made a cozy nest for the holidays and here we are on the first day of the New Year, together, thankful, happy and ready for anything 2017 throws at us. So many things to look forward to this year, we plan on getting our vegetable garden back into shape in time for Spring, in February we’ll be taking a trip to the mountains for the kids first skiing lesson and my little guy will be doing ice hockey for the first time and little lady will be doing volleyball for the first time as well. I would also like to tackle some of my personal goals and family goals that the four of us set together. It will be a good challenge to try to accomplish.

I have not one but two mantras to live by for the year. It’s funny because they are kind of opposite, but just like Yin and Yang, you need balance and both are excerpts from my favorite songs. #1 “Keep it moving”, because sometimes you just need to brush it off and let it pass and move forward, dwelling and dawdling on things can hold you back #2 “Let’s be still”, because at times life moves so fast that you need to stop and smell the sweet aromas and savor and marinate in the moment.

And first things first, we had to do our annual (9 years running) New Years Day sit-on-the-couch photo. We’ve taken them a couple of years in hotel rooms, some years the sofa is in a different location in the room, new artwork, pillows, new whatevers, sometimes new hair dos, weight gain and loss, new family members (dog and cat now), but man oh man what a wonderful way to laugh at each other all in good fun and to see the physical growth in the kids and how with each yearly picture their personalities shine through.

I hope this new year brings you many moments of joy and laughter, strength to carry you through those tough days, and that your health stays stellar, and if you’ve got a mantra for the year or some fun things planned please do share with me!!

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