Natural History Museum + DTLA

January 19, 2017

At least one weekend day we try and devote to adventuring through the city doing mostly new to us things, of course we love to repeat some of our favorites. This past Sunday we did a mix of both. We are members of the Natural History Museum, so we come here often. The kiddos really love wandering through each section of the museum, upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside, some of their favorites are the Dinosaur Hall and the Gem Hall, my little man is into minerals and rocks right now. We could spend hours here and we did. Since we had a later breakfast at home we thought we could push lunch back a little bit longer, but we didn’t expect to push it into early dinner.

After the museum we made our way to Smorgasburg LA, I’ve never been, but the hubs and little lady had visited a few months earlier and wanted to take us there so badly. Smorgasburg is a place where people gather to grab yummy eats from food trucks and food vendors. Warning, long lines and lots of people, by the time we arrived, which was around 2ish, all the vendors had sold out. Bummer and not to mention the kids were hungry by now and Ritz crackers and Trader Joes seaweed snacks weren’t cutting it anymore. We made a decision to head over to Fritzi, a restaurant in the Arts District that we’ve eaten at before. We love their sandwiches and potato waffles, it’s also a family friendly spot, so if you’re ever in this area with or without kids, I highly recommend them.

We strolled around a bit, visited a vegetable garden and some friendly chickens at the Hauser Wirth and Schimmel building complex, took in all the street art, window shopped, and just soaked up all the architecture and downtown city vibe.

Would you believe that we could have lived in a loft in downtown? In our early 20s (many years ago) we were sorta of “pressured” into buying a house instead of renting by friends and family (we love you guys still). At that time it was the height of a real estate bubble and said friends and family were talking it up on how we needed to get into the market asap or we might miss it (to this day, this whole real estate boom and bubble thing confuses me). First off we didn’t really make a whole lot of money, but we managed to scrounge up some savings and found a little 400 square foot loft with a view of another building. We went one day to take a look and was ready to put a down payment to hold our loft, but that day a scrooge of a sales woman, who didn’t even take the time to talk to us, or show us the apartment, just sent us up there alone, after a lot of thinking about if we could actually live in a space that small and the fact that the developers could care less about their potential buyers made us change our minds. We definitely made the right decision, by turning that down a year later we had the opportunity to get into our current home, our forever home.

Anyway, back to where I left off, we got home and didn’t have to worry about dinner, we played a family game of Life and we don’t give up easily, we’ll give Smorgasburg another try again, this time we’ll just plan to get there a little earlier.

Fritzi //sandwiches and more // cocktails and beer //dessert
Wurstkuche // Beer and Sausage
Salt & Straw  //dessert// ice cream
The Pie Hole // coffe + drinks // savory + sweet pies
Blacktop Coffee // coffee
Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co.
Natural History Museum // $12 // museum parking lot or the lot across from it
Smorgasburg LA // 2 hours free
Arts District DTLA // where ever you can find one

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