Mother’s Day

May 13, 2016

In the year’s past, the Hubs will usually ask me what I want to do for Mother’s Day because he knows that I like to have input in these types of things, and normally I would have a few plans in mind. However, this year I decided to not give one single input. I really wanted the control freak in me to take a step back and let things unfold without my involvement. And you know what, everything went so magically well. The hubs had been out of town all week leading up to Mother’s Day weekend, I figured it would be hard for him to plan since he would be busy with work. For that reason, I didn’t want to put any pressure on him. If we didn’t do a single thing, but sat on the couch and enjoyed the company of each other, I was going to be totally fine with that.

We ended up staying at home and celebrated with his mom in the comforts of our backyard. The weather was perfect, full of sunshine and blue skies, butterflies playfully flew about, littles running around, talking and laughing, making the most of the nature filled, kid-friendly yard we have, while Lumineers played in the background.

The menu he planned was fit for a queen, and he even managed to shop for all the ingredients the day before. He cooked up a beautiful, tasty lunch. On the menu was a Spanish inspired casserole made with large chunks of cubed ciabatta loaf, chopped up roasted red peppers, paprika, bacon, and topped with 6 cracked eggs. It was a really delicious dish that had a spicy kick to it and a salad of fresh greens and homemade vinaigrette. I was surprised that my 7-year-old enjoyed the casserole as much as I did, with it being spicy and all.

He also played bartender and whipped us up Mig Royales, a cocktail made with champagne and Luxardo spirit. I may or may not have been a bit tipsy during lunch. We finished off with a custardy apple dutch baby for a little sweetness to end the meal. He’s truly anything short of amazing and all throughout the day I made sure I shared my gratitude with secret smiles and glances. Oh how truly blessed I am.

I was showered with wonderful gifts the littles crafted at school. My boy gave me a glass mosaic milk bottle vase adorned with a rainbow of colorful tissue paper he glued on and my gal gave me a small wooden frame with a portrait she drew of me. This made my heart content and ever so full. I find so much satisfaction from these simple gifts made with little loving hands and all the care and thought that went into them.

This year also marked my 8th Mother’s Day and my how time has flown by so quickly. We have all morphed into something else, I think better versions of ourselves. The kids have grown from squishy babies that required our utmost attention to for the most part self-sustaining little people with lots of ideas, interests, quirks, and always with a funny story or two to share. The Hubs has lost about 30 pounds since we welcomed our firstborn, his weight loss is attributed to a more active lifestyle and eating better and I have gained 20 pounds, well because these hips and thighs of mine have been padded with a plentiful amount of love, grace, and happiness that I’ve gained in marriage and motherhood.

Every Mother’s Day and truly every day I’m ever so grateful that I get to relish in the unconditional love I receive from my three. Besides all the physical hugs I was given, my heart has been squeezed so tightly a thousand times over and the memories will be cherished all year long until I get to do this all over again.

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