Mikkeller Brunch + DTLA Arts District

July 31, 2018

Mikkeller DTLAMikkeller DTLA BrunchMikkeller DTLA Brunch DrinksMikkeller DTLA Brunch

Mikkeller DTLA Bathroom Sign
Mikkeller DTLA Brunch

Mikkeller DTLA Brunch Omelette Plate

Mikkeller Brunch Burger
Mikkeller DTLA Croque Madame

DTLA Street Crossing

DTLA United Artists Sign
DTLA Corner Building

DTLA Olympic Sign

Hauser and Wirth Building Corridor DTLA
Hauser and Wirth Brick Wall

Hauser and Wirth Garden DTLA

Hauser and Wirth Garden DTLA
Hauser and Wirth DTLA Garden
Hauser and Wirth Building Garden
Hauser and Wirth Building Veg Garden DTLA

Hauser and Wirth DTLA Garden

Hauser and Wirth Building DTLA
Hauser and Wirth Museum DTLA

Hauser and Wirth DTLADTLA Arts DistrictSalt and Straw DTLA Group

Salt and Straw DTLA
Salt and Straw DTLA

Salt and Straw DTLAWhen my twenty something niece visited in April from the East Coast, I knew I had to show her some of the best places to eat and explore in Los Angeles. On this particular Sunday we decided brunch at Mikkeller in Downtown LA. This was my first time there, but it had been on my radar since it opened a few months prior.  The last brew pub we were at was here on one of our date days. The hubs liked the beer, I liked the decor, and everyone enjoyed the food.  I had the Wild Mushroom Omelette with a light salad and it was such a delight. Tasty, but also pricey, however, we do allow room in our budget to treat ourselves every once in a while. The kids made themselves at home by drawing and coloring with crayons and paper we brought with us.

After a very filling brunch, we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. You really do have to go on foot in order to soak up the city vibes.  Every time my niece visits, which is every couple of years, I like to show her different parts of the city. She seemed to enjoy the mini tour we gave her of the newly revitalized Downtown area. Since I don’t have any of my side of the family nearby, I love that the kids get to spend time with their cousin. They really do love her company.

As we wandered through the city we found ourselves at the Hauser and Wirth Building Complex . We took a brief glimpse at the artworks in the gallery (it’s free to visit). Although our kids do appreciate art museums they can also lose interest pretty quick so we headed outside to the courtyard. Watching the chickens play was much more their speed (yes, there’s a chicken coop). The courtyard had a wonderfully sustainable urban garden with cool graffiti murals on the walls. Raised planters of neatly planted rows of beautiful vegetables as well as some fruit trees made up most of this inviting outdoor space.

Before we called it a day, we walked about half a block to the nearest ice cream shop. We like to end our outings with some kind of sweet treat.  The kids got ice cream while the “big” kids got their coffees and boy did we need it. It’s always a guaranteed good time when my niece shows up in town.  Each time she visits we are left me with some awesome memories to hold us all over until her next visit.



Hauser and Wirth Building Complex


Mikkeller Bar DTLA

Salt and Straw 


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