Irvine Regional Park + Anaheim Packing House

January 29, 2017

Sometimes our adventures are sparked by random uneventful things like my man needing to pick up a specific computer part at a particular store which happened to be in a city in Orange County and about a 40 minute drive for us.  The main idea was so that he didn’t have to drive all that way to just turn around so he invited us along and that’s how the family outing began.

We loaded the kids and ourselves back into the car headed for our destination. First, pick up computer part, next Irvine Regional Park, this was our first time here. It was a really big park with lots of old Sycamore trees, a pond, ponies (the pony ride attraction was closed that weekend) and peacocks wandering around and of course what the kids were most excited about was the train ride. It was a fairly short ride around the park, but the kids could care less, they loved every minute of it. After the train ride we walked around for a bit, watched the horses at the equestrian center, and looked on as the family on a paddle boat rode by, I did say it was a pretty big park. Finally the kids were ready for the play ground. Normally the kids would run off and play super heroes or witches and wizards on their own, but this time they actually allowed us to play with them. We did obstacle courses around and on the play structure, jumped off swings, and even zipped line. We had so much fun and let me tell you the next day I was so sore.

By this time we were so hungry and headed to our favorite food court, The Anaheim Packing House. The vibe of this place is very busy, loud, and happening and the live music is always a nice touch. We don’t come down this way too often, but this place, we can say we’ve been to a handful of times. My gal loves it so much so it’s hard to turn her down. There are so many different food merchants to pick from. Ranging from waffles to Indian food, to grilled cheese, but my 8 year old comes here for the pho. It was kind of perfect at that time, with it being really cold that day, I shared a bowl with her and we also got some shrimp and pork egg rolls and limeade to wash it down. My gal eats almost anything, but my son on the other is sooo picky. He loves peanut butter and jelly and he loves waffles so we got him waffle peanut butter and jelly and he took one bite and hated it. Well shoot, luckily I had some snacks and he ate that. That’s one thing about eating out as a family, having to take into account the picky eaters sometimes it’s an epic fail and sometimes we succeed and that’s when we do a happy dance.

Before getting back on the freeway, we decided to cross the street to check out Unsung Brewery, it was kind of cool to discover some place that we hadn’t already looked up on yelp and what not. It turned out to be a very good decision. We loved the artsy minimalist decor of the place and had several tasters of their beer in the garden patio. The kids played and ran around while we sat, unwind and shared our tasters. I love days that start from nothing but end with a bunch of good memories.

Sawleaf // Pho and Bahn Mi sandwiches
The Iron Press // waffle sandwiches
Adya // Indian
The Chippy Fish and Grill // fish and chips // onions
Georgia’s Restaurant// Southern + soul food // bbq
Popbar // dessert // gourmet Popsicle
Unsung Brewery //craft beer
Irvine Regional Park // $5 entrance fee per car // train rides $5 each // playground // pond
at Anaheim packing house free street parking is available if you can find one or you can walk about 2 blocks at public parking structure and it’s free also

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