Home Tour: Low Key Eclectic Workspace

March 24, 2017

For many years I’ve never had a devoted workspace. The kitchen table has always been where I would set up shop. It’s where I plug in my laptop, answer emails, pay bills, do household admin work, make phone calls, schedule doctor appointments, make to do lists, research stuff, as well as some online shopping and it was all fine and dandy by me. It wasn’t until we decided to redo our den/family room that we were able to carve out a little nook for me to work. It’s very tiny, simple, but serves it’s purpose.

We started work on the den/family room last Spring and completed most of it by the end of that Summer. The den itself has turned out exactly how we envisioned it. It is an all purpose room to say the least, with the washer and dryer in there, there’s a kids’ Lego area, his and hers workspaces, and our one and only television set, so we needed it to all happily gel together and look good too.

My area use to have built in floor cabinets, with a larger upper shelf. To change it up, we demo’d the cabinets, but moved the solid wood shelf down and made it into a floating desktop. We applied mineral oil to highlight the wood’s natural beauty and to protect it from dirt and water and the occasional coffee spill. I honestly spent $2 total on this area. The only thing I purchased were the plastic brackets to hold up the narrow plywood shelf. The brackets were from IKEA and the plywood were scraps from previous projects. The rest of the things, such as the mini metal storage cabinet, retro 1950s saucer lamp, vintage mid century chair, “Mountain” art, and accessories, I already owned.

My little nook of a workspace can be described as simple + eclectic. I love to mix vintage with whimsical, but try to keep it all low key. The chair and lamp I purchased from an antique shop many moons ago, I am in love with blue tones, so the chair was upholstered with a blue micro-suede fabric. The art was an Etsy find, I love that it is a one of a kind piece, and the subject matter: mother nature, will always captivate my heart. I know it’s all the rage in home design these past few years to have a motto or quote displayed in a home and I concur that it’s an awesome idea. A photo of my kids is a must, they are the main source of my motivation to get things done and the conch shell was brought back from a trip to Belize the hubs and I took in 2007. The trip was taken shortly after my father had past, so the shell represents a time in my life about dealing with love, lost and healing. I am also a big fan of plants and fresh flowers so that’s something you’re always going to find in my home.

A banner that hangs over the shelf and reads “Let’s Be Still” is a song title snatched from my favorite indie band The Head and the Heart. It really resonates deeply with me because life moves at an exceedingly fast pace, and some days just seem to blend into the next, but by consciously making the effort to slow down and sip and savor each moment is when we truly find fulfillment in the every day.

It’s great when all the shades are drawn up because so much light floods into the room, another plus is it has a direct view into our backyard, and I find that view to be very relaxing. I could not have asked for a more calming environment to work in. I sometimes even bust out my trusty Husqvarna sewing machine and work on some sewing projects, such as making pillows, like the indigo one on the chair.

Here are 5 tips to help make your workspace functional + pretty:
1. Keep the work top clutter free. Only keep out what you use most often. The only thing on my desk is a lamp, and a jar with pencils, pens, and scissors.
2. Have some kind of storage to hide the things you need, but don’t want out, that’s what the metal cabinet on wheels is for. Lots of drawers for keeping things organized, but just big enough to store paper, and office supplies.
3. A simple shelf to display art, personal mementos, and photos. Adding those personal and special things will help keep your workspace from being sterile and bland. All these things helped to beautify my space and provide me with inspiration and motivation.
4. Plants and fresh flowers are always a good idea. As we all know now, plants help filter out a home’s bad air and add in good air. Flowers are pretty and can really uplift your spirits at least it does mine. I also have a pothos plant hung from the ceiling, which by the way are one of the easier houseplants to care for, and if you don’t have a huge space to work with, hanging it allows zero real estate to be taken up.
5. Lastly, lighting is so important, having natural light from a window is great, but if you plan on doing work when the lighting is not ideal or at night, you need a good light source. Something like a desk lamp works well.
I hope you enjoyed a tour of my workspace. It’s a mix of old, new, and DIY, which basically is the story of all my home design life.

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