Griffith Observatory Picnic with PACKIT

November 21, 2017

Mr. Holmes @ Intelligentsia

Intelligentsia Coffee
Sunset Junction

Cheese Store of Silverlake Cheese Store of SilverlakeGriffith Park ObservatoryGriffith Park

Griffith Park Observatory
Griffith Park Observatory

Griffith Park Observatory Los Angeles Skyline

Griffith Park Observatory
Griffith Park Observatory

Packit Picnic @ Griffith Park

Packit Picnic @ Griffith ParkMagpie's Softserve

After 22 years of laughs and 14 of those years as Husband and Wife, my guy still makes me giddy. I look forward to the two days every month that we have off work and get to devote solely to doing something together. Some days it’s tackling a home improvement project and other times it’s finding a new brunch spot,  hitting up a museum or having a picnic but no matter what we are doing it side by side.

Yesterday, we decided to visit the Griffith Observatory. I really needed my Los Angeles city skyline fix, so the Observatory was a natural choice since it sits at the top of  Griffith Park and offered views of the Hollywood Hills and Downtown. We decided that a picnic would allow us to spend more time there. Lugging my wooden picnic basket around, as stylish as it was would have been a hassle, especially with all the walking we would be doing, so when PACKIT reached out to me about their freezable picnic tote, I knew this date day would be the perfect use for it. I’ve been a fan of their product line for some time now, they have fun designs, and the kids love their freezable lunch bags, so I was super excited to give the tote a try. The entire bag goes in the freezer overnight (12 hours) to activate the built-in freezable gel. By morning, the walls of the bag become completely frozen and ready to chill just like a fridge. This helped because I already had to pack some kale salad, grapes, and water before heading out.

After dropping the kids off at school, we made the drive through congested LA traffic for Sunset Junction, a plaza with  a collection of hip shops and restaurants situated at the corner of Sunset Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd. We were hoping to hit up the Cheese Store of Silver Lake for some sandwiches, but they weren’t open yet, but  lucky for us, Intelligentsia Coffeebar was right next door, a latte and churro croissant helped kill some time. When the cheese shop finally opened we picked up some fancy chicken sandwiches, that I was able to stash it in my chilled picnic tote for safekeeping until lunchtime.

We made a quick stop at Jasmine’s Garden, a flower shop on Hillhurst Ave for a single beautiful orange colored rose. You can’t have a picnic without some kind of flowers, well at least in my mind.

Even on a Monday, when the actual Observatory is closed there were still like a million people there. With it being closed we were hoping for it to be a little less crowded, and it was compared to the other days when you can’t even get a parking spot. The views were breathtaking and the architecture was marvelous. After walking around and snapping photos we decided to find a shady spot somewhere in the park. We grubbed down our sandwiches because we knew we wanted to visit one more place before needing to head home to pick up the kiddos.

Date day usually involves coffee shops, brunch or food of some sort, and for sure dessert. Magpies Softserve was in the area, so we stopped there. I got a pumpkin pie and sweet cream swirl, and the hubs had the malted milk chocolate and butterscotch pudding. The workers were so friendly and the ice cream was delicious. It was our final stop and the sweetest way to end a very fun and full day.



Cheese Store of Silverlake

Magpies Softserve


Griffith Observatory

Jasmine’s Garden


PACKIT Freezable Lunch bags

 This post was sponsored by PackIt, but all opinions & ideas are my own. 

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