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January 11, 2017

We try and select sports or activites that the kids enjoy, but it can’t take too much away from our family time, quality time spent together is way too precious to us. We like it when sports are limited to seasons or set amount of weeks. For Example it’s nice to know when the soccer season will end, that way we can fully enjoy each season as it’s going on and when we can expect our next adventure to resume or just be able to stay home, sleep in and be lazy. Currently my 8 year old and my 6 year old are not doing anything that takes up any big chunk of time which means we can get out and explore the city. We love taking the kids to museums and parks, expose them to new fun neighborhoods and try out different places to eat.

This past weekend we decided to head on over to Time Travel Mart located in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. It’s a kitschy little store that sells fun products that transport you forward to the future or back into the 80s or even further back into prehistoric times. The dinosaur tee that read “all my friends are dead”, kind of a winner in my book. My daughter proclaimed that the store was “so awesome”. The “former child” tee in the hubby’s size and the “future adult” tee in my son’s size were calling my name, but alas I left empty handed.

Before we left home we had packed our lunches and with Echo Park Lake just down the way, we walked from the store to the park hoping to set up a picnic lunch. We didn’t really know what to expect, maybe take in the beautiful greenery and lake views, but behold there was a playground, and the kiddos ran straight for it, we spent a good hour here. They were able to burn some energy before heading over to a more touristy area, Hollywood and Vine, although with the lull after the holidays this area was not as bustling as it would have been a month ago. We stopped into Amoeba Music, an insitution for music lovers around these parts. It was loud and bustling and filled to the brim with new and used records, cds, band posters and more. We let them pick from the $1.00 records section, and when we got home, let’s just say I now understand why they are a dollar. Last month, I had scored a good deal for The Pie Hole from Gilt City, so it was a place we had to stop in. I picked out the Strawberry Lavender handpie to go with my latte, the pie was perfectly tart and sweet. My son went with the pie with the whip cream and rainbow sprinkles, naturally. Then we all switched pies 4-ways so we could all have a taste of each others, it’s a family thing. We also ordered some savory pies to go for dinner later that night.

It was a well spent LA day and I can’t wait until our next outing.



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