Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

March 28, 2016

A lot went on this weekend, and all really good things. Saturday started off with a bright and early t-ball game, and oh my goodness, these little guys, about 4 and 5 years old playing baseball, it’s about as cute as it gets. On the way home from the game, we drove by a yard sale and I spied thee most perfect chair, a swivel bamboo chair, it’ll just need a good scrubbing with soap and water, and $4, what a steal!

We also did some egg dying with natural dyes that I made earlier in the week. Yellow dye was made from turmeric, the blue dye from red cabbage, and the pink dye was made from beets. Next year, I plan on getting started earlier on making the dyes and adding more colors to the mix. I didn’t plan on dying eggs the day before Easter, but we just didn’t have any time the weeks leading up. These eggs turned out beautifully though.

Later that evening we were off to a baby shower honoring our very good friends. It was hosted by folks we didn’t know, but their home oozed so much personality and warmth that I felt instantly connected. Artsy, creative folks, my type of people. So much goodness in their Venice abode, eclectic boho decor, design inspo run amok, seriously, every inch of it I wanted to instagram, but kept my cool, didn’t want to come off as a creeper, you know what I mean. We ate yummy tacos and gauc, drank tequila, enjoyed great LA weather, and good company, and the kiddos were pretty well behaved for the most part. I think the macarons and the 6 rescue dogs kept them entertained.

Easter sunday was a little crazy, the violin teacher showed up to the house. I thought I had canceled this weekend because it’s Easter, but I guess not. The house was a disaster, we were rushing to get out of our pjs, put the dog out, clear the floors of toys. Getting in late from the baby shower the night before, I was just too tired that I decided to go to bed with the kiddos instead of staying up to clean.

After the violin teacher left, we had our breakfast of biscuits and homemade grape jam, bacon, and melon. It more than made up for the embarrassing morning we had. Shortly after breakfast, the grandparents came over and they had a mini egg hunt for the kiddos, they love spending time with their grandparents and it’s such a blessing that the hubs mom and dad live close by. The kiddos loved going through their Easter loot, which also included the baskets the bunny left on the front door steps. Lego sets, rubik’s cube, pez candy, chocolate, and puffin classic books for them to enjoy, the Easter bunny did well this year.

The festivities continued, we had dinner with family in Orange County, a twilight egg hunt, a glorious traditional Easter feast, too much candy and chocolate, and a whole bunch of fun.

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