Easter Sunday

April 18, 2017

Easter went something like this. The kids woke up Sunday morning to be greeted by baskets filled with goodies, the same baskets they’ve had since their first Easter, the ones with their names monogrammed on it. This year the Easter Bunny didn’t ring the door bell, leave the baskets on the porch and runaway,  instead he some how  managed to unlock the front door, left the presents along with a messy trail of green shredded paper grass everywhere.

Bubbles, molding clay, metal brainteaser puzzles, which were a big hit, egg shaped sidewalk chalks and few other little knick knacks and one chocolate bunny each were some of the fun goodies they received.

Not everyone was happy about taking photos at first, but I managed to get everyone smiling for a quick self timer family photo before we left for dinner. His Aunt always hosts Easter and not only does she cook up a delicious traditional Easter feast she also cooks up so many good memories for the kids. They look forward to heading to her place for all the major holidays because she always makes them feel special, always on hand with plenty of food and gifts.

After dinner, the kids and their cousins got to do a sunset egg hunt in the backyard, they collected so many eggs and thoroughly enjoyed opening up each one to find it filled with chocolate candy. Then it was the adults turn for an egg hunt on the front lawn. Our eggs were filled with lotto scratchers, with such lucrative prizes, our game faces were on, we managed to find four eggs before they all got snatched up. What a fun time.

At the end of all this eating and festive fun, we counted our blessing at the amazing time spent with loved ones celebrating the beautiful meaning of Easter.

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