A Simple Birthday Celebration For My Sunflower

October 2, 2018

R 10th Bday PartyR 10th Bday Party

R 10th Bday Party
R 10th Bday Party

R 10th Bday PartyR 10th Bday PartyR 10th Bday PartyR 10th Bday PartyR 10th Bday Party

R 10th Bday Party
R 10th Bday Party

R 10th Bday PartyR 10th Bday PartyOn a sunny Sunday afternoon in late September we threw a birthday celebration for our sweet Sunflower! Oh my, how many S-words can I put into one sentence? It still boggles my mind that she is in the double digits. My birthday sentiments from her 9th birthday remain the same, you can read it here. Motherhood is a constant tug and pull. You wish growth and independence for them and at the same time you are just not ready to let go. Not sure if I will ever feel ready for that.

We couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect day to have her little girl friends gather in our backyard. She really was specific on what she wanted for her party. First off, she wanted it to be small and intimate. It also had to feel nostalgic, like a Summer picnic from a by gone era. Hopefully, the mellow yellows to the vintage-y rose table cloth toppers helped to bring that feeling to life.

For me it had to be simple and manageable. I use to love to throw big gatherings of like 50 people or more at our home. And thinking back I realized my anxiety levels were through the roof. Also, the amount of work it took before and after the parties were just not worth it anymore. We have scaled down quite a bit in the past years. Redoing our backyard several years ago to make it more of a gathering space has allowed us to keep the party decorations to a minimum. It doesn’t require much to get it party ready, it’s already inviting enough as is. The only additions specific to this party were the tablecloths, fresh sunflower arrangements, and old photos strung on fairy twinkle lights as the backdrop to the food table.

Sandwiches were the natural choice for a picnic-ish themed party. We had it catered to keep me sane. One less thing for us to do. She also decided on a classic plain 6-layer chocolate from Susie Cakes and I just decorated it with chamomile flowers. The hubs already baked her a cake on her actual birthday in early September. It’s a tradition in our family to get a homemade cake from scratch, but he got a break from baking for the party. We served sparkling lemonade, fruit, and chips to go along with the gourmet sandwiches.

As far as activities, I laid out some markers and crayons and had printed out some blank templates for a paper spinner craft. However, the girls were not interested in sitting down at all. They spent most of afternoon playing in the playhouse, in her room, exploring the yard, petting our turtle Homer, “fishing” in the pond, and playing with my record player. Come to think of it, we had to make them come sit for lunch. They did come over on their own accord many times for refills of lemonade and for the cake of course.

It was a delightful afternoon surrounded by great friends and abundant laughter. I hope she remembers this day forever and that mom and dad loves her more than the moon and stars combined. Also if she happens to ever be reading this one day down the road, my one wish for her would be to always be her unique self because she is one of a kind, a true gem. Happy birthday R!!

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